Why water is important for the body?

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Mostly everybody knows that drinking water is important for our body. But do you know that 60% of your body weight is due to water? As the circulation of blood is necessary similarly circulation of water in the body is also important. But how many of you all know that what are the actual benefits of drinking water. Let’s start our journey and give you a brief about the benefits of drinking water.

Functions of water in the body

Water provides most of the oxygen to our brain and also circulates nutrients to each and every cell of our body. It also helps in draining out unwanted substances and toxins. Your body temperature is also affected by the water level in your body. Drinking a lot of water also helps in replenishing your skin. It rejuvenates your skin and makes it look appealing. Making a habit to drink a glass of water as soon as you get up, also after your meal and before going to bed, will keep a proper fluid level. Intake of water can be in various forms such as the consumption of fruits or beverages that contain water in it. For example, Cucumbers contain 95.8% of water and watermelons contain around  91.7% of water.

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How much water do you need in the Body?

As the human body sweats a lot, one should keep it hydrated in order to function well. A person performing physical activities or exercise are recommended to drink a high amount of water to elevate performance. How to check whether you are consuming the right amount of water or not? Here is a way to find it out. Your Urine Color is the most common and easiest way to find the hydration level of your body. If your Urine Color is pale or clear that indicated that you are well hydrated. But if the Color of your Urine is dark that means you need to consume more amount of water.

Importance of water during Diseases

If you are suffering from constipation, here is one of the solutions. Eating fibers do help in the prevention of constipation but if you don’t have a good water intake then there are chances you might suffer from constipation problems. Research has also been proved that if you want to shed extra pounds of weight, then during a diet it is recommended to drink a good amount of water. If you are suffering from any kind of medical situation such as diabetes or heart condition, then increasing your fluid intake can help you to a certain extent.

If you are suffering from a kidney stone problem, then the recommended remedy is drinking water in a large amount. Some other proven facts are that drinking 500 Milliliters of water can improve your metabolic rate to about 29 percent in human beings, this effect has its impact for about an hour. Deficiency of water intake can also trigger your mood swing. It is recommended to drink around 3-4 liters of water regularly for men and around 2-3 liters for women. But if you stay in a high-temperature region, the intake amount of water needs to be elevated as your body sweats a lot. Even if you are traveling to a high altitude area the level of dehydration increases and so to compensate that, you should boost your water intake.

“Stay healthy Stay fit”. Water is the only source that is quite inexpensive but has a lot of health benefits in it. So keep yourself hydrated and be healthy.

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