One and Only Non-Polluted hill station in Asia “Matheran”

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Matheran is one of the non-polluted and beautiful hill stations in Maharashtra. On this hill station, there are no vehicles available and allowed including bicycles. There is only one ambulance for an emergency. It is located at around 80km from Mumbai, 120km from Pune and 25km from Karjat station. There are no facilities at the airport or railway station but you can use Mumbai or Pune airports and railway stations to reach there. Being, this is the first non-polluted and smallest hill station in Asia.

About Matheran.

Matheran Hill Map

Matheran is located on the Western Ghat and has an elevation of around 1000meter. (3281ft approx.). It is the destination where we can see a large number of travelers from all over the world. There are mountains with the natural beauty surrounding the destination, especially it looks absolutely spectacular in monsoon.

Weekenders and nature lovers from nearby cities prefer to visit the hill station during seasons like monsoon, winter, and festivals. Local people know Marathi and Hindi. There is no special or famous food but common Maharashtrian foods like Vadapav, Mishal Pav, various non-veg varieties and veg varieties are available easily.

How to reach?

To reach Matheran you need to reach the neral station by public transports from Mumbai or Pune. Neral to Matheran transportation is available by hilly road. Taxis and other transportation are available in front of the Neral railway station. Neral to Aman lodge distance is about 10km, transportation cost for a taxi is per head around 100INR. Aman Lodge to Matheran distance is around 3km.

There are three ways to reach Matheran, one by walking or you can call it tracking, which is the preferred route for youngsters, where you can cover a beautiful natural valley scene and you can also see small waterfalls during monsoon. The second one is that there is a Toy Train like Darjeeling and Shimla where we can see the most beautiful attractions of Matheran. The third one is by riding a horse that costs around 100 to 300INR per head. (Depends on the season.) Toy Train tickets are available at Aman lodge station and Matheran station which cost around 60INR for one way.

You need to pay 50INR for adults and 25INR for children as a forest entry fee to check in to the Matheran city. If you are traveling by private vehicle you can take it to the Aman Lodge station, there is vast parking space available with a nominal parking charge of 40INR for a car per day.


Matheran is a hill station so there are no Luxury resorts but there are so many guest houses, cottages, Homestay, and some deluxe hotels that are also available. Matheran is a place for leisure and peaceful trips.      

Places to visit in Matheran:-

1.Alexander Point

The fantistic experience at early morning, on the way to Alexander point.

Alexander Point is 1.5km far from the railway station. Alexander is a place where small village routes are connected with Matheran. Villagers use this route to come to Matheran for selling some vegetables and seafood products. Visit this place in the early morning to enjoy the best view of the Matheran.

2.One Tree Hill Point

One Tree Hill Point at Matheran Hill

One Tree Hill Point is a famous trekking route of Matheran. It is located approximately 5km from the market. If you would like to visit this place then you can use the trek which passes by Charlotte Lake, But the Main route passes from Ambewadi village and after reaching One Tree Hill Point you can see the view of Morbe Dam.

3.Echo Point

The Echo point at Matheran Hill

The Echo point is the sightseeing place in Matheran. There is no specific description for echo point. If you shout, the sound comes back which is the sole specialty of this point.

4.Louisa Point

Louisa point at Matheran hill

Track to Louisa point is the longest trekking route of Matheran. This trekking route is approximately 7km. When you reach Luisa Point then you can enjoy the view of Panvel city. 

5.Malang Point

Malang Point at Matheran hill

Malang point is 6 km far from Matheran railway station. It shares the same tracking way to Louisa point. There are so many horses available so if you would like to enjoy horse-riding you can choose it. You can reach a Malang point where you would enjoy the view of mountains & hills and also see a natural elephant view.

6.Sunset Point

Sunset Point at Matheran Hill

Sunset point is located at the topmost part of the Matheran. After visiting all the major points, you can go there for a sunset view. You can enjoy a clear view of sunset in summer and winter but when you visit in monsoon then you can’t see clearly due to fog.

7.Charlotte Point

Charlotte Lake waterfall at Matheran Hill

This is the most beautiful place where we can see the back waterfall during the monsoon. Charlotte lake is the main water source of Matheran. Visitors can enjoy the waterfall view, especially in the monsoon season. You can take a bath in an open waterfall coming from the overflow of charlotte lake.

8.Paymaster Park

Paymaster Park at Matheran Hill

Paymaster park is not a private property as it is fully maintained by the local government therefore there are no entry tickets. All visitors can enjoy this park and its different game facilities like bowling, shooting, ball throwing, etc. There is no age limit to access this park.

Matheran is the place where you can see around 40 points and 2 lakes but here we have mentioned only major points of Matheran which areas above. If you would like to take alcohol then you can buy it from Mumbai, Pune or Neral because Matheran is quite expensive for purchasing that and not many varieties are available.

**(All pricing as per Aug-2019,Please note that, It may got changed with time)


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