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Importance of energetic day

Every professional or normal person wants a highly energetic day. To achieve your life goal first you need to achieve your daily goal and it is only possible when your body has perfect energy. Most people have a plan for success in mind but they can’t execute in real life because of laziness in the body. For our mind and body, morning is the perfect time to work on that. So, do not jump to your mobile phone or laptop instantly after walk-up and Try to give some time to your body and mind without any deflection of mind.

Why Water is important in morning?

So, here I suggest some important tips start morning routine for an energetic day. When we know our body content than we can do work properly on our body. Research and lab reports says maximum content in our body is water and that is 62 to 65%. Most Important functional part like Brain and heart is made of 73 to 75% of water. So when the water content in our brain reduced, the body will start to feel laziness and that time is morning. During sleeping, we do not drink water at night mostly. So the water content is decreased in the morning and the body is starting to feel laziness.

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So, for the energetic day, the morning should start with lots of water. But drink water before clean your mouth or teeth is an important factor. Because saliva production is continued in the mouth and content of saliva is most important for our digest system. So, try to drink a minimum half-liter of water without clean your mouth. You can also add some ingredients in warm water like honey and lemon juice (Click here to find pure honey).

Morning Meal

Honey is important to balance sugar level and lemon juice is important to
balance vitamin C and other antibiotics. It also helps to increase the metabolism level of the body which is important to our body. Do not eat
anything for the next Half hours. Blood circulation is slow in the morning so you should try to do exercise or jogging during this time. Meditation is processed by which you can understand the thought process. This thing is
important to come out from your mental game like self-talk, stress, etc. By
following this routine you also come out from many Diseases like increased
blood pressure, gastritis, diabetes, constipation, Etc.

After morning exercise and meditation, Morning Breakfast is also the most
important factor for an energetic day. You are what you eat so try to eat fruits, fruit juice, and Dry fruits. It also helps to improve brainpower. Try to get more healthy and fresh breakfast as much you can. Your breakfast must be in balance breakfast with a rich source of protein, fibers, and carbohydrates. A heavy meal does not cause weight gain if you are eating healthy and fresh meals. You should take a meal every 3 hours for a healthy life. After breakfast, you can continue with your daily work routine. Click here to know more about diet.


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