COVID-19 Vs INDIA. “How India Fights to Coronavirus?”

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The initial step of India towards the COVID-19

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 till today’s date (8th April 2020) almost crossed 5000 marks, which we can say that it is high but still in control. INDIA is at the door of stage third, therefore community spread has almost started. Look at the increment rate of cases in ITALY and USA, where medical facilities are much more than INDIA. Furthermore, INDIA stands at 112th ranks in medical facilities. If our country comes in stage three, consequently there will be a shortage of medical equipment. Hence state governments have started to increasing medical equipment facilities and quarantine beds.

COVID-19 pandemic is a currently biggest challenge to humanity and India. Finally, if the spread gets controlled here, From many economic and financial perspectives, India will be one of the least long term affected countries of the world.

In India, many peoples are suffering from cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure problems. If COVID-19(coronavirus) hits epidemic break out, it may cause many life loss in the country.

When the first three cases reported in the Southern state of Kerala, they reported it well, identified people whom they came into contact with. Quarantined them properly, gave proper care and finally, all three cases recovered, without any chance of an outbreak.

Mainly for three reasons COVID-19 is spreading.

  • Enormous populations living densely in cities, and with many overcrowded places like religious places, markets, malls, etc.
  • Lack of education and illiteracy. Most of the poor people are not aware since they neither read newspapers nor watch the news.
  • Poor hygienic and environmental conditions and lack of medical facilities.

COVID-19 has been spread out in almost all states of India. India has officially declared lockdown from 24th March 2020 to 14th April 2020. but recently prime minister Narendra Modi shows the sign that still its need to extend the lockdown.

Social distancing is the only way to control coronavirus. It spreads from one person to another person via direct touch as well as droplets of saliva in the air, which comes out from infectious people during coughs or sneezes.

We can protect us from this virus by staying at home and washing or sanitizing our hands frequently. If you feel any related symptoms, please contact your nearest doctor or call on helpline number for your area.

Now comes to the solution where is the vaccine????

Almost 65+ countries are trying to find the vaccine of corona but research is
continuously going. Medicine is still not available in the market. Some USA and Israel laboratories say they found some vaccine. They are testing it on animals to know its effects and side effects. If they will get success, they will distribute this in the world markets. But they tell, time will take for this research for almost 5 to 6 months. Some Indian institutes and laboratories also trying to find the vaccine.

India is a certainly densely populated country but the virus is not deadly. With the help of basic precautions, we can easily prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.

This is the time to be helping each other and doing our best in the fight against the virus. A huge number of volunteers have come forward, and they giving their best to help out the maximum peoples.

One thing that we would like to draw the attention of the officials and people both, “This is a very sensitive time for every individual, society, nation, and humanity”. But in the upcoming time how we handle the Psychological aspect of society in a consistent manner will be most important.

We all don’t want to lose our dear ones so please stay home, Do regular exercise and meditation and keep your immune system at the top. If you wanted to know more about the way to strengthen the immune system please have a look at our blog “6 home remedies to strengthen the immune system.”

So we should hope that we will control its outbreak and keep our population and humanity safe.

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