Alang – World’s largest ship recycling yard

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Alang Town

Alang is a small town, which situated in the Gulf of Khambhat and 50 km from Bhavnagar city in the Gujarat state of India. The population here is around 20000. The town spread along the sea face, so it has a long beach area. However, this beach is the greatest blessing for them and makes it the world’s largest ship recycling yard.

The name of Capt. N. Sundaresan‘s be remembered in the histories of ALANG, as the founder of Alang Ship Recycling Yard.

This shipyards at Alang is one of the largest ship recycling units in the world. Recycles almost half of the ships which are rescued around the globe. It also famously known as a graveyard for ships. Ships here are broke down due to mainly two reasons. One of them is steel business and reusable products that were installed in ships, and the second one is the safety factor, as these ships can now no further be used to sail in the sea.

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Capacity of Yard

According to the terms of the GMB policy of 2006, the efficiency that each plot should break a minimum of 10000 LDT as per package within the duration of 5 years. Above all, on Alang port approx. 30 meters wavefront plot can able to scrape almost 25000-30000 tonnes per year, Similarly bigger area plots can possess a capacity of higher tonnage. Traders pay approximately INR 5,500–8000 as monthly rent for a Plot area of around 500–1100sq-yards.

The steel obtained from Alang used almost in most sectors in overall India. This industry alone has the capacity to obtain around 4 Million tonnes of steel from used ships without the use of natural resources. For example, coal, iron ore, etc. when compared to other manufacturing plants of steel. Furthermore, there are various stalls along the way to shipyards, In that lots of reusable things sold. The things sold here vary in different categories from technical to non-technical as well as some portion of steel.


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